Judith Butler: Dispossess

Gaza after the Bombardment of 2008–9

Wednesday 20 February, 2013
6:30pm, $0

Columbia University, Avery Hall
1172 Amsterdam Avenue, Wood Auditorium

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This lecture will focus on images of vacated and suspended life in Gaza after the bombardment of 2008–9 by Swedish photographer and video-maker, Kent Klich. These images of ordinary life in Gaza in the aftermath of the bombardment of 2008–9 document vacated structures and suspended lives. They constitute the visual sequel to war photography, the landscape of architectural ruins of everyday life, uninhabited and uninhabitable. Abandoned and decimated structures still give a sense of vanished ways of life, and those still alive are endlessly waiting for their lives. The temporal and spatial conditions of living on with no life, dying without death are explored through visual images that document the destruction that outlasts war—dispossession.
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