A Conversation with Aleksander Hemon and Colum McCann

Friday 29 March, 2013
7pm, $0

McNally Jackson
52 Prince Street

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"When Hemon’s work is funny, it can make you laugh in spite of everything, and when it is sad, it’s hard to stand up afterward.” —John Jeremiah Sullivan  

Aleksandar Hemon will be reading and talking about his first non-fiction work, a collection of essays which record his various "lives" -- from boyhood in Sarajevo, consumed by an obsession with football and trips abroad with his engineer-cum-beekeeping father, to adulthood in Chicago, where he creates a new life with his own family. It is from here that Hemon observes the war in Sarajevo, from which his parents were forced to flee and leave behind everything they had known. Raw, questioning, full of humor, compassion and humanity, Hemon's new work is a love song to two cities, a portrait of a world lost to one of history's darkest conflicts, and that rarest of things: a necessary book by one of our most important writers.

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