Comissioning Work in an Art Fair Context

Gianni Jetzer, Sarah McCrory, Fatima Al Qadiri, Sarah Douglas

Saturday 09 March, 2013
2pm, $0

The Armory, Media Lounge
Pier 94, West 53 Street and Twelfth Avenue

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Commissioning artists to create projects within the context of art fairs has become common practice. This discussion explores the motivations behind such commissions, as well as the different ways in which artists respond through installations, performances, and various forms of interventions in, or even subversions of, the commercial context in which they exist. This panel looks at the creative opportunities that art fairs provide, as well as the potential of new commissions to “radicalize" that very environment. What are some of the inherent challenges and creative opportunities for both commissioner and artist, and how does the commissioning process unfold and, at times, test this relationship? How do these commissions add to the experience of an art fair in terms of their visibility, presence, and forms of engagement with audiences? Speaker Gianni Jetzer is Director of Swiss Institute in New York and the curator of Art Unlimited at Art Basel; Sarah McCrory is Director of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Arts; Fatima Al Qadiri is a New York-based Kuwaiti visual artist and composer. Moderator Sarah Douglas is Culture Editor at the New York Observer, and founder of GalleristNY, the visual art site of the Observer. She is also a contributor to The Art Newspaper's daily art fair editions.

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