Cynthia Wade: Documentary Subjects Talk Back

Thursday 28 March, 2013
6:30pm, $0

New York University
20 Cooper Square, 7th Floor

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Storyteller, witness, interpreter, friend, invasive annoyance.  Documentary filmmakers often have intense, complex relationships with the subjects of their films. As directors, we walk a murky ethical and moral line with our characters. We hold great responsibility in telling their stories. We are there to witness their best and worst moments, a power that is both trusted and feared.  This panel will focus on the fragile and enduring relationship between director and subject, as real documentary participants reveal the good, the bad and the ugly about being the focus of a film. Oscar-winning director Cynthia Wade will screen clips from three of her HBO films (GRIST FOR THE MILL, SHELTER DOGS, and MONDAYS AT RACINE) -- including footage that ended up on the cutting-room floor, while her subjects discuss and reveal what it felt like to be part of the inherently invasive process of documentary filmmaking.

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