Documentary Activism and the Films of Anand Patwardhan

Thursday 14 March, 2013
6:15pm, $0

721 Broadway, 6th Floor, Michelson Theater

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Anand Patwardhan has been engaging in the struggle for social justice through political documentary filmmaking for nearly three decades. In this forum with the filmmaker we will screen and discuss Patwardhan’s major work of the last two decades that focuses on three main questions: militarism and nuclear proliferation, the ideology of Hindu nationalism, and in his new film Jhai Bhim Comrade  (2012, 180 mins.), on the Dalit struggle for social justice. The forum will conclude with a round table and extended conversation with Anand Patwardhan about his work. Panelists:  Arvind Rajagopal (Media, Culture, and Communication, NYU);  Arjun Appadurai (Media, Culture, and Communication, NYU);  David Ludden (History, NYU); in discussion with filmmaker  Anand Patwardhan.

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