Looking to the Future: Latino Marketplace as American Marketplace

Wednesday 13 March, 2013
7pm, $0

209 West 23rd Street, Room 503

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In this past November's election, a record number of Latinos cast ballots for president, constituting the leading edge of an ascendant ethnic voting bloc that is likely to double in size within a generation. Currently, the nation's 53 million Hispanics comprise 17 percent of the total U.S. population. Few Americans are unaware of this transformation, but these numbers tell a compelling story. How will the Latino influence affect American identity? In what ways will the emergent and expanding Latino community direct the trends, tastes, and preferences of the U.S. majority?

NYDesigns and the Division of Continuing Education present a panel of political scientists, journalists, and futurists to imagine and predict what the future of design, marketing, advertising, and consumer-responsive products and services will look like when Latinos represent half or more of America. Speakers include Sem Devillart, Ed Morales, and Antonio Vazquez-Arroyo. Moderated by Nepal Asatthawasi and Nando Rodriguez. Presented by the Division of Continuing Education.

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