Rosalind Krauss in conversation with Hal Foster & Yve-Alain Bois

Friday 29 March, 2013
7pm, $0

192 Books
192 10th Avenue at 21 Street

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Perpetual Inventory 
(MIT Press, 2013)

in conversation with

In Perpetual Inventory, a collection of Krauss' writing from the mid-1970s to today, the art critic considers what she has come to call the "post-medium condition" - the abandonment by contemporary art of the modernist emphasis on the medium as the source of artistic significance, in which she sees a farewell to coherence. Krauss devotes much of Perpetual Inventory to "wrestling new media to the mat of specificity." Indeed, the originality and rigor of the project stem from her "relentless search to isolate and clarify the structural premises of contemporary art." (Bookforum) She also writes about artists who are reinventing the medium, artists who persevere in the service of a nontraditional medium ("strange new apparatuses" often adopted from commercial culture), among them Sophie Calle, Christian Marclay and William Kentridge.

Rosalind Krauss, editor and co-founder of the journal October, is a professor at Columbia University. She is the author of The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths(1985), The Optical Unconscious (1993), The Picasso Papers (1999), Bachelors (1999), andUnder the Blue Cup (2011).

Yve-Alain Bois is a professor of art and film. Hal Foster is an art critic and historian; he chairs the department of art and archeology at Princeton. Along with Krauss, both Bois and Foster are editors of October

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