The Psychology of Consumerism

Alvin Hall, Liz Magic Laser, Eric Shiner, Felix Salmon

Thursday 07 March, 2013
1pm, $0

The Armory, Media Lounge
Pier 94, West 54 Street and Twelfth Avenue

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According to some writers and historians, the 1913 International Exhibition of Modern Art had a significant impact on artists, collectors, and the art market, galvanizing the New York gallery scene. In 2013, as the psychology of art consumerism is explored head-on within the Armory itself by artist Liz Magic Laser, this conversation considers the conditions, preconceptions and desires that shape what we acquire. Within the context of an art fair, what messages are communicated to consumers, how do the various stakeholders respond, and in what ways can the predominant roles and behavior of gallerists, collectors, and audiences be challenged? Speaker Alvin Hall is a collector, financial educator, and president of Cooperhall Press Inc., a company specializing in financial training programs; Liz Magic Laser is the 2013 Armory Commissioned Artist; Eric Shiner is Director of The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh and curator of Armory Focus: USA. Moderator Felix Salmon is the finance blogger at Reuters.

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