The Question of Regionalism

Stuart Horodner, Sandra Jackson-Dumont, Ruba Katrib, Dominic Molon, Isolde Brielmaier

Sunday 10 March, 2013
1pm, $0

The Armory, Media Lounge
Pier 94, West 53 Street and Twelfth Avenue

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This panel debates ideas around the definitions, validity and perceptions of "regionalism," with specific reference to the United States and the diverse contexts that exist across the country in relation to contemporary artistic practice, presentation, and audience. Speakers discuss what constitutes definitions of place, the relationship between the regional and the global, ideas around “critical regionalism", and connections between the regional and the flows of creativity and capital. When various regions of the United States gain a particular kind of currency for contemporary art scenes, to what degree are these self-imposed or external perceptions, and how can an attention to the regional offer creative curatorial strategies? Speaker Stuart Horodner is Artistic Director of the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center; Sandra Jackson-Dumont is Deputy Director of Education and Public Programs at the Seattle Art Museum; Ruba Katrib is the Curator at SculptureCenter in Long Island City; Dominic Molon is Chief Curator at the Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis. Moderator Isolde Brielmaier is Chief Curator of Exhibitions at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

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