Why Everyone Should Learn to Code (And How to Make That Happen)

Thursday 28 March, 2013
6:30 - 8:15pm, $0

New America
199 Lafayette Street, Suite 3B

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In today’s world of increasing reliance on technology, coding and tech skills are more important than ever. Coding is the modern-day language of creativity, a critical path to innovation and a powerful force in the economy. It's a critical skill for the jobs of tomorrow. Those equipped can build a company and realize a vision. Many thinkers aim to make coding a widespread skill, teaching it to American students and professionals alike, while some say it's overrated. Join New America NYC and a group of leading tech thinkers in a conversation breaking down the real value of this skill for individuals and the American economy. Is programming the path to innovation in the 21st century?


  • Zach Sims 
    Codeacademy, CEO
  • Martha Girdler 
    Etsy, Engineer
  • Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock
    Hacker School, Co-Founder
  • Marvin Ammori
    Bernard L. Schwartz Fellow, New America Foundation


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